Fireside Chat | Steve Lee of Green2Go and Kennewick City Council | Increased Opportunities of Hard Work in a Small Pond (Episode 12)

In the latest of Fuse’s live Fireside Chats, Councilman Steve Lee describes the fun he’s had taking advantage of where hard work can get you as the big fish in a small pond. He talks about starting Green2Go, a recreational cannabis retailer, and the particular challenges of staying on the “light side” in this newly legal industry. He also talks about his experience campaigning — and winning — a seat on Kennewick’s City Council this past November.

Justin Jones interviewed Councilman Steve Lee. Justin is a remote employee for VMware, a silicon valley based company that makes software for businesses. He is actively involved in the Fuse community, and enjoys tinkering with electronics, playing games of any sort, and drinking good beer.

The live event was November 29, 2017. If you are in the area and would like to attend a Fireside Chat, check out Fuse’s facebook page. They do sell out quickly, so get those tickets early!

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