Fireside Chat | Dara Quinn of Emerald of Siam | Thai Food and Live Music, A Winning Combination (Episode 2)

In this special episode, Tri-Citizens brings you the audio from Fuse’s first in a new live event series, Fireside Chats. These quarterly events are hosted at Fuse SPC, a coworking space in Richland, WA.  

I first interviewed Vanessa Cozza and Ron Boninger, two of the event’s organizers. They talked to me about the new series, how it got started, and what they hope comes from it.

Then you’ll hear the audio from the live event where Tyler Soldat interviewed Emerald of Siam’s Dara Quinn. She talks about her family, how Emerald of Siam got started and what they’ve been doing there since then.

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You can find The Emerald of Siam at, on Facebook, and you can contact them at

Ron Boninger is Founder and Owner of Stillmore, LLC;  CEO of Carbitex, Inc.; and on the Board and Executive Committee of Fuse, SPC. He is also on the Board of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Chambers Regional Affairs Committee.

Vanessa Cozza is a Clinical Assistant Professor of English, as well as the Liberal Arts Internship Coordinator, at Washington State University, Tri-Cities.

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