News: Short Break While Podcast Booth Changes Buildings

I hope your 2018’s are starting strong. Ours is too, though we are going through slight growing pains as we do without a podcast booth for a little bit during some exciting changes.

Tri-Citizens records out of Fuse, a coworking space in Richland, WA.  They are upgrading their digs and moving buildings. I finally made it in there this past Saturday to start installing the new podcast booth in the building’s old vault! The building is beautiful, with lots of natural light, and each company’s style in full view through full glass partitions. Check out the top 5 things Jess Stangland, Fuse’s Community Manager and the new building’s decorator, is excited about in the new building.

The new, roomier podcast booth is wonderfully shut out from outside noise in the basement vault. It has CMU walls, so Justin Jones, Kevin Haro, Brandon Anderson, and I spent some time Saturday spray gluing foam to the walls — with plenty of breaks from the fumes!  With help from Jess, more foam will be put up and furniture will be moved in. Soon after, Justin will install the equipment and get us all set up again for more podcasts.

If you want to explore the podcast booth at Fuse a bit more, Fuse blog writer, Sara Quinn, has written about it:

Looking at 2018, we have some great interviews coming:

  • Live Fireside Chat: Cheryl Broetje of Brotje Orchards – a unique employer (interviewer: Vanessa Cozza of WSU)
  • Jackie Sharpe of Jackie Sharpe Images – architecture and food photography is just one of her many trades
  • Simon Mahler of SCORE – a small business mentor who helped dozens of businesses start via an email incubator
  • someone from the Regional Chamber of Commerce to discuss a new project they are excited about (and you should be too!)
  • someone from Benton-Franklin County Fair – an annual event since at least 1966.
  • someone from Tri-City Alliance – the Tri-Cities premier elite amateur soccer team
  • someone from Tumbleweed Music Festival – an annual folk music festival since 1997.
  • as well as more guests and live Fireside Chats (Look out for more Fireside Chats events by visiting Fuse’s Facebook page.)

I hope you are as excited as I am to continuing exploring the Tri-Cities community. Subscribe to the podcast to get new episodes delivered straight to you. You’ll hear from me soon!



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